IP Track - QR Code Tracking Solution

  • Track and Trace for Customer/Visitor
  • Build your customer pool

Ordering, Invoicing & Inventory System

  • Sending, receiving and managing the inventory
  • Ordering from suppliers and invoicing clients

Business Control and Approval Solution

  • Configurable multi-tiers approval process
  • Traceability and Accountability

Complaint/Task Tracking Solution

  • Admin: accept, verify, delegate/transfer task/complaint 
  • Users: create, check the status of task/complaint 

Training Management System

  • Manage training programs and schedules
  • Accept, verify and approve requests for training

Warehouse Management Solution

  • Inbound: Purchase Order, Good Receipt, Put Away, Managing Location
  • Outbound: Sales Order, Picking List, Packaging, Delivery Order, Courier Selection

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